In my long career as being a florist i’ve done a lot of international projects.  My company was specialized in hotel and event decorations. Two years ago about every thing changed , because of health problems with my legs. One thing was very clear to me, i wanted to stay working with Nature . Recently i completed my study for Garden and Landscape Designer and at the moment i learning about DTP ( Graphic Designer ).

DESIGN CALENDAR aims to be a platform for garden experts and enthusiasts . FLORAFOCUS  is a Horticulture + Design Blog with articles about floral design and horticulture in general. I love to travel but i’m not able to do so at the moment so i travel the world with THE TRAVEL SOCIETY , my site with beautiful time-lapse travel videos. My personal blog is BAKERSTREET .

If you want to share something or give a comment you can use the form below.

Michaël Bakker,Boendermaker 76  1505 BK Zaanstad  The Netherlands  / florafocus.eu@gmail.com / skype ; florafocus / facebook


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