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A Connecticut Spring Garden.

Project Private garden / design DWB Botanical Design / Owner Michael Leva / Location Connecticut

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Cozy Small Urban Garden in London by Richard Miers

project Urban-Garden London /Garden-Designer Richard Miers Cambrigde U.K



Enclosed Courtyard with Entertaining Deck

This  enclosed courtyard is the perfect setting for this great entertaining deck. The U shape created by the home practically begs for a courtyard deck. The idea of building the deck, versus leaving the area grassy, helps to define the space and make it special and purposeful. But leaving the tree intact and building around it directly connects nature to the man made space and it provides natural shade.




Designs made by Arne Maynard.

Arne Maynard is one of Britain’s leading Landscape Designers and is famous for his  perfect balance between Classic and Modern Style Garden and Landscaping. Arne has worked for several Castles and great Land Houses. He uses a lot of ornamental shapes and Ornaments out of natural materials,like twigs.arne maynard 1 arne maynard 2arne maynard 2arne maynard 3arne maynard 4arne maynard 5arne maynard 6arne maynard 7arne maynard 8arne maynard 9arne maynard 10DCLOGO3